Existing building for sale     Up to 6.5% rental return

現樓發售 出租回報高達6.5%


  • Address 地址:

  35 Houldsworth Street, Manchester, UK (M1 1EB)

  英國曼徹斯特 35 Houldsworth 街(M1 1EB)

  • Room Size 房間大小: Studio/ One-Bedroom 開放式/一臥室
  • Levels 層數: 5
  • Unit Number 單位數目: 23 units 單位
  • Interior Area 室內面積: 17.83 to 22.57 sqm. (17.83至 22.57 平方米)
  • Price 價格:start from £128,000 十二萬八千英鎊起
  • Rental Guarantee 租金回報高達 : 6.5% (Net 淨值 )
  • Tenure 任賃期: 250 years 年, Leasehold 租賃權

Summary 簡介

    • 35 Houldsworth Street has been completed on January 12, 2018. The sale of existing apartments, including all furniture and electrical appliances.
    • 35 Houldsworth Street 2018年1月12日已完工,現樓發售,已包全屋傢俬電器,即買即收租。
    • It offers investors a unique opportunity to acquire one of the few remaining historic buildings of Manchester left to be developed.
    • 樓盤為投資者提供獨特機會,以獲得曼徹斯特剩餘待開發的歷史建築物之一。
    • Located within Manchester’s Northern Quarter, it’s creative district with many independent shops, restaurants and art galleries and 5 minutes walk from Manchester’s central business district.
    • 位於曼徹斯特北部地區,這個創意區擁有許多獨立的商店,餐館和藝術畫廊,步行5分鐘即可抵達曼徹斯特中央商務區。
  • Modern low-carbon technology means the building will be one of the city’s most energy efficient with a benefit to investors in terms of enhanced rental yield and a “future-proof” investment.
  • 現代低碳技術令該建築具高效節能,對於提高租金收益率和長遠投資方面有利於投資者。

Location Advantage 地理優勢

  • The greater Manchester region has a student population of over 400,000.
  • 曼徹斯特地區的學生人口超過40萬。
  • The Government announced in early 2015 that the Northern Quarter would be designated a “Tech Hub”, given the popularity of the area for digital and IT start-up companies.
  • 鑑於數碼和資訊科技初創公司在該地區的普及,政府在2015年初宣布北區為“技術中心”。
  • The Northern Quarter is one of the favourite locations in Europe for digital and IT companies to locate to, driving a strong demand for high quality apartments in the neighbourhood to house the growing population of talented young professionals moving to Manchester to work within a digital or creative business.
  • 北區是歐洲成立數碼和資訊科技公司的受歡迎地點之一,推動了對附近高質量公寓的需求,以滿足日益增長且年輕有才華的專業人士前往曼徹斯特從事數碼或創意工作。

Floor plan 平面圖(4/F)

Photos of apartments (on-site photos) 單位照片 (現場實景)

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現樓發售 回報率高達6.5%